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Posted by Graytubby - February 4th, 2023

fuck you and your mother tell me why one foot is longer than the other. 2 ass naked grasshoppers laying on a napkin by your window getting a summer tan lookin ass. you thought distrokid was the green lanterns side kick, thought that dunkin donuts was an nba allstar proteam, thought that smash bros was a gay porno mag and thought that taco bell was a yeat preset on fl studio lookin ass. bitch your grandfather got moon craters on his back and your moms currently getting anally hadoukened by curious george walter jr and doodle bob on a minecraft crafting table at 3am in your basement “anoy noy noy noy, anoy noy noy noy” lookin ass while you were simultaneously recording an adult film with a hog rider gang afiliated salad crouton and mr mee6 in a level 6 clan castle “♪*hoog riderr* ♪” lookin ass “hi! its mr mee6! look at me!” lookin ass. bitch your family lives in a low income household so instead of hiring an exterminator they had you do a drive by a family of opossums in your basement with a nerf fortnite rocket launcher from target in a janitors mop bucket lookin ass, and 3 hours later your inberiated aclcoholic dad pulled out a belt so you grabbed a pad and pencil out of your backpack tried cranking fortnite 90s on him in the middle of the kitchen to escape lookin ass. your like a pansexual cheezit, you like a termite with scoliosis, you like a malnorished metrosexual muffin named christopher mcgriggens. you stuck a carrot up your ass and called yourself the “cucumber crusader” lookin ass. your 97 year old grandmother died in her wheelchair you called her ass the “ghost rider, watch out” lookin ass you stick a fisher price wiffle ball bat up your ass pull down your pants with 8 generic dungbeetles in the middle of the old folks home while your dad was simultaneously recording a video of himslef gangnamstyling to the 2016 xxl freshmen cypher on facebook live while your grandfather was in the kitchen sink with peanut butter smeared on his forehead having a deep conversation with his toenail and your sister was upstairs in her bedroom fingerblasting herself to an episode of henry danger while at the same time your mom was at the farmers market shop shoplifting authentic pickles “oh shit its the pickler!” and your uncle was slumped in a gtr racer gaming chair at 2am with a jock strap on his face perusing for poisonous tree frogs on the dark web while your tia (auntie if you’re white) was at your cousins bar mitzvah while whipping the nae nae with an orthodox jew lil john and a cockroach with a yamaka on while your dog was named roofus was behind a dunkin donuts pimping out a salamander to a opossum while a family of rats in your kitchen poured cranberry juice into an empty dorritos bag to make a community pool for the underprivileged termites living under your sink lead by a 3 legged radioactive conservative skunk named dale who proceeded to canon ball into the doritos bag which then alerted your dimentiated grandfather that was in the sink which at that point he called him self “the titanium titty!” and started throwing raisins at the skunk the pulled out a black ops 3 c4 out of his crotch and blew up and blew up a nether portal with direct access to a wakandan porta potty for fun


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